Export Compliance

export complianceOur goal is to meet the needs of our clients located outside the U.S. and our domestic partners trading internationally. Our compliance team has developed and streamlined our procedures to ensure export compliance, avoid delays and provide effective shipments throughout the world.

At BLUSA Defense Manufacturing, we recommend developing a Buying Profile. A Buying Profile consists of a list of countries, the systems supported, and a valid freight forwarder in the USA. Once your profile is established, we work with the U.S. State Department and/or the US Commerce Department to obtain an open export. An open license is typically valid for four years.

We can then expedite your shipments within days, once your open license is approved, rather than weeks that specific licensing often requires. If the volume of business does not warrant an open license, you can obtain licenses on a case by case basis for a minimal fee.

To ensure quick service, please complete the form below in its entirety. This must be typed on your company letterhead and signed by an Officer of your company.

Bright Lights USA Inc., dba BLUSA Defense Manufacturing is registered with the Department of State as a Manufacturer and an Exporter.