BL-Q01 Quality System Approval
The supplier shall, as a minimum, maintain a QMS compliant with the intent of AS9100 and or ISO9001.

BL-Q02 Right of Entry
BLUSA, BLUSA customers, government representative or applicable regulatory agencies shall have the right to survey seller’s facilities, with suitable notification to review all processes, subcontractors, contracted parts, procedures and records that are applicable to purchase orders issued by BLUSA Defense Mfg .

BL-Q03 Traceability
Seller shall provide a Certificate of Conformance, with BLUSA purchase order clearly noted on it, with each shipment. Seller must ensure that all certifications (Manufacturers’ Certificate of Conformance, Test Reports, Process Certs, Raw Material, etc) for a part is traceable to one another by either a lot number, date code, heat number, job or work order number or material P.O. number. All certifications must be legible. Changes or amendments to any certification paperwork must identify the authorizing party via signature, initial, stamp, or any other similar method, along with amendment date.

BL-Q04 Nonconformances
No known nonconformance shall be shipped to BLUSA without written authorization from BLUSA’s Quality Department. The product shall be held at the supplier pending instruction from BLUSA Quality. If nonconforming product is found by the supplier after shipment to BLUSA the supplier shall notify BLUSA within 48 hours of the discovery.

BL-Q05 Packaging
Seller must assure that all product shipped is adequately packed and/or packaged to prevent damage, contamination, the introduction of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and/or deterioration. Unless otherwise specified on the purchase order, seller must use best commercial practices (such as described under ASTM-D-3951) to prevent damage, contamination and/or deterioration to all products during transit. No loose fill material (i.e. foam peanuts) shall be used in the packaging of products.

BL-Q06 Record Retention
Seller shall retain quality records for a minimum of 7 years. Fasteners identified as safety critical, quality records shall be retained for 10 years. Records shall be made available to BLUSA for review upon request. BLUSA must be notified prior to the destruction of any quality records.

BL-Q07 Calibration
Tools and equipment used in support of manufacturing, in-process steps, and in the final acceptance of manufactured product shall be calibrated in accordance with ANSI Z540-1, or ISO 10012-1, or TS/ISO 16949.

BL-Q08 Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
Seller shall establish, document and maintain a program to control and eliminate Foreign Object Debris (damage) (FOD) and/or contamination during seller’s (or seller’s sub tier sources) manufacturing, assembly, test and inspection operations.

BL-Q09 Return Policy
BLUSA reserves the right to return product, within a reasonable time frame, if it does not meet the dimensional and/or structural requirements of the purchase order or drawing.

BL-Q10.1 Supplier Certificate of Conformance
The supplier shall provide their own CofC for each PO line item.

BL-Q10.2 Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance
The supplier shall provide the actual manufacturer’s CofC, which is to include the revision level.

BL-Q10.3 Raw Material Certifications
Supplier shall provide raw material chemical and physical certs.

BL-Q10.4 Special Process Certifications
Supplier shall provide certs for welding, heat treating, and finishing processes.

BL-Q10.5 NADCAP Certifications
Supplier shall provide NADCAP certs when specified.

BL-Q10.6 Test Reports
Supplier shall provide actual results for all test performed. This shall include, but not be limited to, actual reading, measurements, graphs, charts, analysis, summary statements, and pass/fail data.

BL-Q10.7 Full Certification Requirements
Supplier shall provide BL-Q10.1 thru BL-Q10.6

BL-Q11 Shelf Life
On certifications for product having a limited or specified shelf life, Seller shall indicate the cure date and when applicable, any special storage or handling conditions. Cure date must also appear on all packaging. The remaining shelf life at time of delivery shall not be less than 85% of total life.

BL-Q12 First Article
A documented First Article is required. First Article shall be required on the first production run per AS9102. All additional revisions due to engineering, design and/or specification change will require a new First Article.

BL-Q13 Source Inspection
BLUSA source inspection is required. Inspection shall be conducted at the Seller’s facility and shall be requested and accomplished prior to shipment. When the items on the Purchase Order are ready for inspection, notify the BLUSA Quality Manager so that coverage can be arranged. Drawings, specifications and other pertinent data shall be made available to the BLUSA Quality Representative at time of inspection.

BL-Q14 100% Inspection Required
Seller shall perform 100% inspection of all characteristics or specified characteristics on all products covered by the Purchase Order. Records of sellers 100% inspection results, showing actual range of values, shall accompany each delivery of product(s).

BL-Q15 DFARS 252.225-7016
DFARS 252.225-7016 applies. DFARS compliance statement must be stated on the manufacturer’s certificate of conformance.

BL-Q16 Special Processes Approval
Special processes shall be performed by sources that are accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). This requirement applies whether the process is performed by the Seller or by Seller’s sub tier sources. Special Processes include but not limited to: NDT, Nonconventional Machining, Heat Treat, Plating/Coating, Welding and Chemical Processing.

BL-Q17 Notification of Changes
Supplier shall notify BLUSA when changes occur that will affect the Quality System, such as changes of manufacturing process, address/location, ownership, company name, Quality Manager, Quality Management System (QMS), or QMS approvals.

BL-Q18 Counterfeit
Supplier shall establish and maintain a Counterfeit Parts Prevention/Avoidance and Control Plan using Industry Standard AS5553 (Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition) and AS6174 (Counterfeit Material; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Material) as guidelines. The process shall be to prevent and control the delivery of counterfeit parts.

BL-Q19 Packing Slips/Certification
A copy of Suppliers Packing Slips and Certification is required inside and outside of box.

BL- Q20 Awareness

Suppliers shall ensure their people understand:

-Their contribution to product or service conformity
-Their contribution to product safety
-The importance of ethical behavior

BL-Q21 Special Requirements

Supplier shall acknowledge, when applicable, the need for special requirements, critical items, and key characteristics.

BL-Q22 Competence

Supplier shall provide all necessary data to prove the required competency level, including any required qualifications of their personnel.