Customer Testimonials

” All is good, this is why I always go to BLUSA first in my search for parts. Great company!”

“Parts arrived today.  They look great!”
– K.S. USA

“I had the pleasure of performing a quality audit at Bright Lights USA, Inc. (BLUSA Defense) and found their QA System and handling of our Purchase Orders goes above and beyond our requirements. I was very impressed by the range of products they offer as well as the array of manufacturing, finishing, and quality services they provide. It’s rare to find a “one-stop-shop” these days and would highly recommend them as a primary vendor.”
– C.L. USA

“They have on file, and I saw them, in two facilities, more than 3 million drawings in every possible format. I saw for myself a technically-complete Quality Inspection Department. The Department has optical comparators, and cabinet after cabinet of measuring equipment for threads, holes, contours, etc., to support a 100% inspection of all the parts they manufacture. I contrast this with many of our other suppliers who’s quality departments are just paperwork outfits, inspecting paper from other companies. Bright Lights USA is the real deal. Bright Lights USA is housed in two separate facilities (15,000 and 120,000 sq ft., respectively) a few miles apart, and has a broad array of conventional and CNC machines. Their facilities were clean, orderly, well organized and well equipped.”

“You people are the greatest!!!!”
– K.T. USA 

“Out of all the Companies we requested information and quotes, Bright Lights USA was one of the few companies that responded in a reasonable amount of time.”
– P.B. USA 

“Great job guys! Material has delivered.”
– P.L. USA 

“WOW!!! Thanks a lot Guys!!! We appreciate all you do for us!!”
– R.C. USA 

“I am very pleased about your prompt and professional manner of handling my request. I appreciate your effort.”
– M.R. USA 

“I have always been sent a confirmation that my package has been shipped.”
– M.A. USA 

“It is always a pleasure working with #TEAMBLUSA. We work closely with the military and you guys make it easier to help them.”



“I purchased material last week that was shipped before the date quoted. My customer was impressed.”
– C.W. USA 

“It was a pleasure to see that you were concerned about the order. That was excellent.”
– D.M. U.S. ARMY 

“You are perfect, we really appreciate your excellent service.”
– J.C. USA 

“We were pleasantly surprised that the items were shipped much earlier than the quoted lead time.”
– P.M. Singapore 

“I must compliment you all at Bright Lights USA for such a great response.”
– S.F. USA 

“We like doing business with your company very much, and you are always very helpful.”
– J.L. USA 

“Keep up the great work. We are completely satisfied with our business relationship.”
– A.S. USA 

“I very much appreciate your good quotes. It is very evident that your good office continuously excels. I have emphasized this to my colleagues, and will continue to do so.”
– S.D. Singapore 

“Thank you for the super efforts in putting these quotations together. I am in awe.”
– S.O. USA 

“I have faith in your company as you have all been very accommodating. I really appreciate all you’re doing, and the professionalism of everyone I’ve dealt with there.”
– D.O. USA

“It is always a pleasure working with #TEAMBLUSA. We work closely with the military and you guys make it easier to help them.”

“You guys are great to work with. Hope we get more deals that involve your products!”
– L.B. USA