Position:  Estimator

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepares work to be quoted by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents
  • Determine manufacturing steps/processes, equipment requirements, programming requirements, setup operations, material, labor, and other items necessary to perform work
  • Identifies labor, material, time requirements and costs by studying proposals, blueprints, specifications
  • Calculate production costs using established labor and overhead rates, raw material and processing price estimates Resolves discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information
  • Contributes to team effort by reviewing market data
  • Communicates with managers, technical staff, and coworkers to exchange accurate information and understand instructions and technical details.

Education and/or Experience

  • 10+ years of Machine Shop Estimating/Quoting experience of medium to high complexity parts, including knowledge of setup and operation of a diverse range of machines.
  • Estimating/Quoting experience must be with Manual lathe, milling machines as well as CNC Mill and CNC Lathe operations.
  • 5+ years’ Experience in interpreting & processing castings, forgings, weldments and fabrications.
  • Must be able to understand/interpret government specifications, drawings, and instructions.
  • Capable use of Microsoft Office program (Excel) and ERP/MR